Friday, July 12, 2013

Rob Gronkowski Tows the Company Line; Has No Reaction to Hernandez/Back Questions

With all the talk about former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez dominating the headlines it has been easy to forget that the Pats have another guy--that Rob Gronkowski kid. The Gronk has stayed largely out of the public eye this off-season, but recently did surface at a bookstore.

No, there wasn't a rave being held at the bookstore. He was signing a book--Growing Up Gronk.

Of course with the media being the media they had to ask Rob what he thought of the current issues the team has been faced with, namely the arrest of his partner in crime (metaphorically speaking of course) Hernandez and the DUI arrest of Alfonzo Dennard.

Maybe the team has yet to send out an official response it wants guys to give, but he did a pretty decent job of his own. In fact it was a good enough statement that he used it again when asked about his back.
"I have no reaction to that."
Eh--no comment would have sufficed, but no reaction will do I suppose.

He did change it up a little bit when someone asked a more general question about the problem with so many guys getting into trouble of late:
“Ask Roger Goodell,” he said. “You gotta ask Roger. He’s been in the business for a while now, so he’ll know. From when he started to where he is now. … Roger that.”
Now if he had asked Victor for his vector it would have been a truly Gronk-tastic response.

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