Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Robert Griffin III Has Inspired One Awesome Burger

You know you've made it when they start naming food after you. After just one season in the NFL the quarterback of the Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin III, well--he has made it. Not only does the man have some food named after him, but it is a monster of a burger.

The kind of thing to make a fat guy eye's go as wide as an eight-year old's on Christmas morning.

What's in it? I am glad you asked.

This delicious creation is made up of three awesome layers of beef and bacon fat (because everything is better with bacon), three cheeses (goat, gorgonzola, and gouda), three condiments (whole-grain mustard, sriracha mayo and roasted garlic spread; see a pattern here?) and three other things (lettuce, tomato and of course actual bacon).

I think I gained a pound just typing that out.

Thank you to the Metro Grill in Richmond for creating this masterpiece and a very special thank you to BlackSportsOnline for bringing it to our attention.

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