Monday, July 1, 2013

San Diego Chargers Running Back Ryan Mathews Arrested? Not So Fast...

Early Monday morning fans of the NFL and especially the San Diego Chargers got some bad news. According to a writer for the San Diego version of the running back Ryan Mathews had been arrested in connection with a fight that had occurred outside of a local night club.

Sigh. Another football arrested! When will these guys ever learn?

As luck would have it the Examiner's writer was jumping the gun a little bit. Ryan Mathews was not arrested after all, and was in fact surprised when he woke up Monday morning to find out that the internet was saying he had!

Because everything is true on the internet you know...

According to the original story, the fight occurred outside of an upscale nightclub in San Diego, SideBar at around 8:45 PM Sunday night. A supposed witness said he saw some conversations take place between some Hispanic individuals, Mathews, and one of his associates inside the club. The fight apparently happened outside of the club in the smoking area and resulted in one person being taken to the hospital.

Since Mathews and his associate were taken into custody it can be assumed that the individual taken to the hospital was one of the other individuals.

Who was actually arrested has not been announced at this time, but according to a report published by Bleacher Report police have stated that it was not Mathews.
"We can say that he was definitely not arrested by SDPD,' San Diego police sergeant Robin Rose said. 'But there might have been a separate arrest that lead to that (report). … It was not Ryan Mathews."
So rest easy Chargers fans. Your running back is not going to be sharing a cell with Aaron Hernandez or anything.

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