Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Seattle Seahawks Fans are Excited for the Season to Start (shocker, right?)

It's been sometime since the Seattle Seahawks have been a playoff caliber team (2007?). With the addition of Marshawn Lynch in 2010 the turnaround began culminating in their first playoff bid since '07 that year. Fast forward tow years and add in one of the most dynamic talents in the NFL at quarterback and the 12th Man is hyped up  and ready for a  big year.

So much so that they have already sold out every regular season home game!


There are still tickets for a couple preseason games left as well as some handicapped ones, but otherwise it will be hard for someone looking to make a game to find tickets.

Owner Paul Allen shared the news with his Twitter followers Tuesday:

For some fan bases that may not be a big deal. According to some comments left at the PFT article that shared the news Seahawks tickets have been hard to come by for the last couple years.

So why should this matter?

Because this year the expectations are sky-high for the team, and not just because fans are optimistic and always have high expectations leading into the season. No, these guys are considered to be a serious threat in the NFC this season.

The offense was already talented and dangerous, but with the addition of Percy Harvin the offense has the potential to be elite. By adding Texas A&M running back Christine Michael and LSU's Spencer Ware the running game should become even stronger as well.

As long as the defense stays Adderal-free that unit should rank among the NFL's best as well.

Now I am sure that non-Hawks fans are reading this and thinking. "Well you must be a Seahawk fan to write so many nice things about them. You suck blogger!"

I'm actually a Texans, Cowboys, and Colts fan if you must know, but the lofty expectations being placed on Seattle are not just mine. PFT has them ranked No. 4 in their preseason poll.

The only problem with speculation is that it can lead to expectations that are too lofty, but with the talent on this roster and Pete Carroll in charge it will not be surprising if Seattle were to be playing for the right to go to the Super Bowl come January.

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