Thursday, July 18, 2013

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Kaepernicking?

There are certain things that sports fans do not want to see: serious injuries (especially to guys on their team), lopsided defeats, their favorite player playing for anyone but their team...lets be real. The list could go on and on.

On that list is probably their favorite player paying homage to their rival by copying their signature pose--like Russell Wilson recently did!

Colin Kaepernick/Instagram

Unless it is done in a sarcastic way after scoring a touchdown....or in a commercial shoot for a video game.

The two young stars were doing what guys around the country would love to do--play Madden 25 and get paid for it! The duo did so for a commercial that is set to air later in the year.

So don't worry Seattle. Your favorite son hasn't gone crazy and become a 49ers fan or anything (or been caught wearing their gear--gasp!). He's just doing what the director is telling him to.

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