Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Texas Rangers to Call Up Manny Ramirez After the All-Star Break?

When Manny Ramirez signed with Taiwan it was kind of laughable, but than he played well. When he quit and was signed by the Texas Rangers many scoffed at the notion. Now here he is sitting at home with his family during the All-Star break--and he could get the call to head back to The Show any day now.

In a recent radio interview team president Nolan Ryan was asked about Manny and admitted that the team was thinking about calling him up. 

Go ahead haters; get your laughs in. 

Facts are facts. Manny is hitting (6-14 with three home runs and six RBIs in eight games) and the Rangers line-up as a whole is not. So far in July they have not been doing horrible (No. 15, .263 BA), but the month of June is something else entirely (No. 26, .233 BA).

In spite of the lack of firepower the team is just two games back of the A's in the division and leading the pack in the wild card hunt. Not bad, but not good enough.

Maybe, just maybe, Manny can help.

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  1. If he can be picked up for nothing then u don't have anything to lose. Manny is as good as his attitude. If his head is in the game hes great.