Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Coolest Helmet in Football Belongs to the Baylor Bears

I have made it no secret whenever I have posted things about all the different college football helmets that we are seeing these days. The vast majority of them are just plain silly; especially the chrome ones. What are we trying to do with these darn things? Make it so bright on a sunny Saturday afternoon that fans have to buy official (and expensive) sunglasses so they can watch the action?

They look like thy should be recycled by Huffy or Schwinn and made into bicycles for kids or something. However, after seeing the new helmet for the Baylor Bears during media day recently (and on Twitter) I have to admit--I have changed my mind.

From Twitter account @jonogreco13
How can you not be impressed by that sucker? Of course to complete the ensemble they have gold chin straps as well!

Baylor is going to have its work cut out for it this season as they work in a new starter at quarterback. One thing is for sure though--no matter how the team ends up playing, they are going to look pretty darn sharp doing it!

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