Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Ultimate Warrior is Still Awesome--and Proves It!

Back in the day the Ultimate Warrior was one of the most exciting and dynamic wrestlers in the business. Next to Hulk Hogan there wasn't another persona in professional wrestling during his era that could captivate and entertain a crowd quite like he could--and he's back (sort of).

Even though he and Vince McMahon had a pretty contentious relationship during his time the man is back in the fold and starring in a new YouTube commercial for the WWE's latest video game (which fans can pre-order), WWE 2K14.

And it is something that is definitely worthy of the man that managed to turn millions of Hulkamaniacs into Little Warriors back in 1990 when he took Hogan down at Wrestlemania 6.

In case you forgot how awesome the Warrior is check this old promo out:

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