Monday, July 15, 2013

Want to be a Part of Atlanta Falcons History? Name This Creation and Win!

Chip Kelly would not go for this in Philly's camp--for the players or the fans--but the Atlanta Falcons know what there fans want. They want yummy, delicious, and scrumptious creations like to clog their arteries and shorten their life spans when they come visit training camp this year.

Something like this.

Photo from Atlanta Falcons Twitter Account
The Atlanta Falcons have been promoting this bad boy online today. For $5 you can enjoy this tasty treat of pulled pork, mac & cheese, cole slaw, onion rings and bacon.

Don't say yuck. You know your inner fat kid wants to try this beast. Me? I'd be happy to get mine without cole slaw, but only if there is a defibrillator on hand (I'm already a fat guy after all; I think I gained weight just looking at this picture).

So--do you want to know what to order when your ready for this delectable treat? It doesn't have a name yet.

And that's where you come in. 

The Falcons are holding a name that sandwich contest. Tweet your suggestions to @Atlanta_Falcons with the hashtag #aftcsandwich and the winner will get some sort of prize (I'm assuming along with the honor of naming this fat-friendly treat).

So far I'm thinking:
  • The "Life is Good by Short" Sandwich
  • The "I Can't Pass My Physical" Sandwich
  • The " Don't Tell My Wife I Ordered This" Sandwich
  • The "Contract Extension"
  • The "Call My Doctor" Sandwich
  • The "Falcon Favorite" 

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