Friday, July 5, 2013

What Do Vikings QB Christian Ponder and Florida QB Jeff Driskel Have in Common?

The answer to the question posed in the title could be a number of things. Vikings QB Christian Ponder and Florida QB Jeff Driskel have a number of obvious things in common like they played/play college ball in Florida and they are quarterbacks (duh, right?).

Neither would be the right answer though. No, the answer here is not quite as obvious--well, not quite as obvious till you see the pics after the jump.

Hint--they are two lucky, lucky dudes.

So what is it that they have in common? Their significant other (Driskel's girlfriend/Ponder's wife) are hot.

Driskel posted this pic of him and his girlfriend enjoying some pool time on the Fourth.

Sam Ponder, the lovely Mrs. Christian Ponder, was nice enough to post this pic to her Twitter account on the Fourth.

Yeah, it certainly doesn't suck to be Jeff Driskel or Christian Ponder--not at all.


  1. Learn to spell, or at least use the correct words. It isn't "their quarterbacks" it's "they're quarterbacks".

    Hope no one is paying you REAL money to write.

    1. Wow. Apparently you never learned any manners growing up and you don't read much online. It's called a typo genius! They happen all the time on Yahoo! Sports, ESPN, CBS Sports, and every other major outlet online.

      Real easy to be an anonymous douche online. Coward.

    2. Oh--and thanks for dropping by!

  2. Posted as anonymous because it was easier and will generate no spam to my e-mail account rather than logging in. Has nothing to do with "cowardice".

    And about the douche comment. Personal attacks? The weapon of choice of the small minded. Touche. You got me. It stung.

    And thanks. Your (spelling incorrect intentionally) welcome I stopped by.

    1. Yeah, it may be easier, but it is still cowardice. For some reason there are thousands if not millions of people like you that love to make asinine comments online like "Hope no one is paying you REAL money to write."

      You say something like that because of a their/they're mistakes? So I guess you think just about every writer online doesn't deserve to make "REAL" money.

      With a couple thousand posts I've made mistakes before and I am sure I'll make some in the future too. It's being human. You must be super-human and perfect at your job.

      I've had worse said in the past and never responded. I guess I was bored. It's the slow time of the year after all. Thanks for stopping by (again).

  3. Pulver - Don't respond to Mr Cowardice Ass Clown. He's worked up about a quick article about hot chick's and QB's and grammatical errors?

    Why in the WORLD would you think you need to defend against him?

    For the record, I thought I was reading about some kind of QB debate but was pleasantly ambushed with pretty ladies.

    Have a good one.

    1. Thanks man! Normally I don't, but comments tend to drive traffic so I figured what the heck.

      It's not defense; just trying to get more traffic--and REAL money.

      The ambush was on purpose, and you're welcome. Later!