Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Another Broker Comes Forward Claiming to Have Paid Johnny Manziel

Ugh. The autograph mess does not appear as if it is going to go away anytime soon for  Johnny Manziel and the Texas A&M Aggies. ESPN is now reporting that another person claims to have paid Manziel for signing some autographs.

None of the stories that have come out so far have a leg  to stand on, but this one sounds pretty darn fishy.

This broker claims that he videotaped Manziel signing some items in when Manziel was in New Haven for the Walter Camp Foundation Event last January. He recorded the signing without Manziel's consent, but claims he did so just for authentication purposes. Supposedly Manziel can be heard saying "he wasn't there  in the video" but since ESPN was not willing to pay the guy for the videos we will never know.

This broker went on to say that Manziel said he needed the money ($7500 in this case) to get some new rims for his car, and that Manziel's assistant, Nate Finch, was not present.

Just like the other accusations there is no evidence at all that Manziel did anything wrong. All we have is the word of an unscrupulous person looking to profit off of a 20-year old kid's fame.

So lets poke some holes in this story:

It's interesting that he specifies a dollar amount here since no one else has yet. However, the underlying problem with it is Johnny's family is loaded. He doesn't need it. Why would he go for a five-figure number just a week early to a four figure one? That doesn't make sense either.

After stories broke on Monday that painted Johnny's friend/manager Nate Finch as the possible issue this guys conveniently leaves him out so that the onus would be put back on Manziel again.

Why does that matter? Hmmm...possibly because with all the attention and the possibility that his college days are coming to an end his autograph is worth more?

The broker also told ESPN that he has no intention of cooperating with any NCAA investigation; kind of makes it sound even more as if he is trying to keep Manziel's name involved in a scandal  in order to drive business.

There is no such think as bad press after all, right?

This whole mess is just absurd. There is no evidence here at all; just adults looking to make a profit off a kid's name and then also by selling him out. Sounds like they want to have their cake and eat it too. Here's hoping its one of those awful tasting gluten-free ones.

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