Thursday, August 22, 2013

Are the Texas Longhorns Trying to Help ESPN Take Down Johnny Manziel?

This is a crazy angle to an already interesting tale. As much a it would make for good reading I hope nothing comes from it because the bad blood that would be generated between these two rivals (and yes, they are still rivals even thought they are not scheduled to compete in anything in the near future) would be intense.

I heard about this on a message board and then found a post over on Busted Coverage that talked about someone filing a freedom of information request to find out if there had been any communication between someone with the Longhorns Athletic Department and ESPN in regards to Manziel:

The request was made on August 16:
Requesting copies of any emails, memos, letters or other documents evidencing communication between (a) any employee of the Athletics Department at the University of Texas at Austin, including any agent or representative of the Athletics Department, and (b) any employee or reporter of ESPN, including any agent, assistant or representative of any ESPN reporter or employee, regarding Johnny Manziel.
Hmmm...This could just be because someone is paranoid as can be and has some extra time on their hands or it could be because someone heard or knows something that they want to corroborate first before putting it out there.

This could get interesting or become absolutely nothing. As soon as I here anymore I'll be sure and get something posted.


  1. So, you don't know anything, yet you can't wait to throw fuel on a fire. That's the problem with today's journalists. Say anything to get attention.

  2. ESPN's inappropriately close relationship with the University of Texas begs for more investigation. ESiPN is little more than a public relations arm for a University of Texas program that has become increasingly desperate to climb into relevance and jealous of A&M's audacity in leaving for the SEC and incredible success once there. The timing alone of these allegations by that PR arm for a UT program suffering massive butt hurt is suspicious and the tight relationship of ESiPN with that program needs to be regarded by the rest of the media with increasing suspicion.

  3. I must be an idiot for even looking at this stupid article, much less expecting anything more than used cat litter.GOODBYE!