Sunday, August 4, 2013

Arizona Wildcats Updated Home is Looking Pretty Sharp

Last season the Arizona Wildcats took a big step forward under new head coach Rich Rodriguez. While they still have room to grow, no one is going to mad about improving from 4-8 to 8-5 including an awesome win over Nevada in the New Mexico Bowl.

However, they did go 4-5 in the PAC-12. In their defense it is one of the toughest conferences in football. The Wildcats are aware of this and know that they need to look like one of the big boys if they are going to play with them.

Hence the upgrades they made to the stadium and locker room you can see here:

Yeah, it doesn't compare to the $68 million facility in Oregon or the one down in Alabama either, but it is still pretty darn nice. It is definitely something that recruits are going to be pretty impressed with when they visit.

Besides, as nice Oregon and Alabama's facilities are having a cool locker room does not mean your going to win. It just means you have a great place to hang out in when you lose and want to avoid the media and fans.

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