Friday, August 23, 2013

Carolina Panthers Linebacker Luke Kuechly Reminds Us Why He Was a First Round Pick

The Carolina Panthers were pretty certain they were getting a stud when they took Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly with the No. 9 pick in last year's draft. Anyone that can make over 500 tackles in just three seasons of work ca't be half bad, right?

Now that he is preparing to embark on his second full season in the NFL it is safe to say that ole Luke was a pretty good pick.  

How can we tell? Well winning things like Defensive Rookie of the Year last season helps. Than plays like the hit above certainly tells us a thing or two as well (looks clean to me, but lets not be shocked if he gets fined for this one).

The man was simply on fire against the defending Super Bowl champions in preseason action Thursday night. Here he makes the hit, forces the fumble, and nearly got in position to make a play on it.

Kuechly is not just a battering ram though. In this gif it looks like he knew where the ball was going before Flacco did.

It is only a preseason game so we can't get too excited off of his play, but he sure helped make a preseason game much more fun to watch.

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