Friday, August 2, 2013

Check Out Jay Cutler's $10K a Month Crib

There is one thing about athletes and celebrities that I will never quite understand. For some reason most of them seem to think that they need to get these huge houses with nine bedrooms and 23 bathrooms just because they can afford it.

Do they like to sleep in a different room each day of the week or something? I don't know. I suppose its good to be prepared for guests, but if you entertain that much it might be time to invest in a hotel. are some pics of the 6700+ square foot mansion that Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and his lovely wife are renting in a Chicago suburb. 

They have five bedrooms in this bad boy. Shoot--you could five beds in this one bedroom alone!

At least if the team ever needs to practice--and for some reason can't use the team facility--Jay's got plenty of room in his backyard.

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I kind of have to wonder why he's renting. I know he's in a contract year and all, but after being in the Windy City for the last few years you'd think he'd have put down some roots by now. Moving to the suburbs is a start, but I think the man can afford to buy a house.

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