Saturday, August 3, 2013

Crazy Colts Fan - Colts Didn't Even Try to Keep Dwight Freeney? Now That's Just Wrong!

After the 2011 season the Indianapolis Colts had almost a complete face-lift with many of the team's recognizable faces finding new homes. Longtime defensive stud Dwight Freeney survived the aftermath then, but alas, this past off-season saw him leave Indianapolis and land in San Diego.

It wasn't too shocking a move. Freeney isn't a spring chicken anymore (33), and his best days are past. He's not likely going to be an every-down type again, but he can still contribute in a part-time roll.

There is definitely still value there, but apparently the Colts didn't think it was enough. I will admit--I didn't follow the story extremely close back when he was let go so maybe this is old news for most folks.

But according to some comments Freeney recently made the team did not even try to hold on to him.... read the full post follow the link to the CrazyColtsFan!

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