Saturday, August 10, 2013

Crazy Colts Fan - Colts Linebacker Robert Mathis Told He Can't Wear His Impressive Face Mask

The NFL has a lot of rules. Guys can only wear certain apparell brands during games and when they make appearances for the league. Socks have to be pulled up. There are even regulations on towels guys use to wipe sweat off their hands. Heck, there is even a guy that gets paid to walk around the guys before games and see who is breaking one of the NFL's many little uniform rules.

In all fairness, some of them make sense. The league does need to present a united front and protect its image. However, many of them do not. One of the more recent rulings involving face masks--absolutely does not.

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Robert Mathis spilled the beans on the ruling on his Twitter page Friday:

A handful of guys have taken to wearing these face masks that look like something straight out of the Medieval Ages and one of King Arthur's knights... read the full post follow the link to the CrazyColtsFan!

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