Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Denver Broncos Fans Not Happy With Joe Flacco Banner on Mile High Stadium

From time to time the NFL does something smart like start the season with a marquee match-up on Thursday prior to the rest of the league kicking things off a few days later on Sunday. They also tend to do a few stupid things from time to time.

Like hang a huge banner of Joe Flacco on Mile Stadium.

I get why. Next Thursday the 2013 NFL regular season kicks off in Denver with the defending Super Bowl champions taking on the Broncos. It is not just a big night for the two teams, but one for the league; one that it needs to advertise.

But a banner of the opposing quarterback? Come on man!

Maybe they are trying to throw the Ravens a bone since they are the defending champs and thanks to the Orioles having a game they can't open the season at home. This just isn't the way to do it.

You don't cover a significant section of the home team's stadium with a picture of the opposing team's quarterback with over a week till the game. Not if you expect it to stay up the whole time...

Broncos fans are not happy with it of course and have a petition going requesting that the league take this thing down. Hopefully Goodell will see the error in judgement here and correct this oversight.

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