Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Denver Radio Host Takes Care of a Joe Flacco Banner

The NFL regular season is just days away, but we already have a minor controversy of sorts brewing. Thanks to the Orioles playing a home game the Ravens are opening the season on the road in Denver. In advance of the game the league is putting up a lot of signs--featuring Joe Flacco.

You know; the QB for the other team.

Broncos fans have let the NFL know they are not real happy about it and have even created a petition asking the NFL to take the darn things down (no word on whether they are even thinking about it).

I understand. What Broncos fan is going to want to see pictures of the enemy up all over town for over a week prior to kickoff? The answer to that is easy--none!

The NFL has to know that fans are not going to like it, and that some will take  matters into their own hands rather than wait and see if the league is going to do anything

Like this guy, a local radio host by the name of Vic Lombardi.

I can't say I blame him for doing it, but I question creating evidence of a crime (vandalism). If the league really wanted to they create some trouble for this guy.

But if he didn't take the video than he couldn't get the publicity for himself and his show that comes with a good ole fashioned case of civil disobedience.

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