Saturday, August 17, 2013

Former Longhorn Ricky Williams Throws in His Two Cents on Johnny Manziel

Former Longhorn Ricky Williams is an interesting guy so when he talks people listen. Some folks may not like what he had to say about Johnny Manziel.

The current pay-for-autograph scandal surrounding Texas A&M and quarterback Johnny Manziel has given many current and former players cause (at least in their minds) to give their opinion to anyone that will listen about the scandal and/or Johnny Football.

Some have given well-thought out statements; others just a hasty opinion--and then there is former Texas Longhorns and NFL running back Ricky Williams.

Here is what Williams had to say when asked about his fellow Heisman Trophy winner and his crazy off-season (from

"You know once you win the Heisman trophy, there's going to be more attention on you," said Williams. "You are probably not going to be able to get away with all the stuff you got away with before."

Fair statement and completely true. When you prove your worth like Williams did back in '98 and Manziel did last season everyone wants to see what you are going to do next.... read the full post follow the link to MVPTexas!

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