Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Houston Astros May or May Not be the Most Profitable Baseball Team in History

The Houston Astros may have the worst record in baseball, but according to a Forbes article they are far from being the biggest losers.

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Baseball fans in Houston knew they were not going to get much this season and sure enough they have not. Their team is staring a third consecutive 100+ loss season and will have the worst record in baseball since 2005, which is when the Astros made their first and only trip to the World Series.

Yet somehow in spite of their ineptitude on the field the 2013 Houston Astros are the most profitable team in history? Not likely.

The good people with Forbes Magazine crunched some numbers and came up with a whopping one for the Astros operating income this season--$99 million. To put that into perspective it is more than what the last six World Series winners made combined!

Sound impossible? Maybe, maybe not....

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