Thursday, August 29, 2013

Johnny Manziel Reminds Us What That Arm of His Can Do

The investigation is done. Johnny Manziel has been cleared and will only be lost for a half against Rice. Aggies--if you haven't let out a sigh of relief yet go ahead and do so now.

And then watch Johnny Football do what he does so well.

Not having Johnny Manziel play the first half may actually be a good thing. With the distinct possibility that this will be the last season in College Station for Johnny Football it doesn't hurt to get a sneak peek at the future QB of the team.

Will it be freshman Kenny Hill or junior Matt Joeckel?

Just in case Matt was getting any crazy ideas Johnny had to remind him of something:

Amid all the chaos and craziness the boys are just being boys!

Time to BTHOR!

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