Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Legendary Chicago Bears Player William "the Refrigerator" Perry is Alive and Well (stupid internet hoax)

The internet is a great and wondrous tool that allows us to do things that 25 years ago we only thought were possible in The Jetson's or sci-fi flicks. Sadly, it is also something that can spread lies and falsehoods with the speed of light to millions under the guise of truth.

Like it did with the recent reports of the demise of a Chicago Bears legend--William "the Refrigerator" Perry.
William Perry would use this for a lunch box!
For some reason there are people that like to create these false news stories about the demise of an athlete or celebrity. The beloved defensive lineman from the Bears '85 Super Bowl team is the latest victim of this so called form of entertainment.

After the false reports saturated the internet early in the day others started to creep in claiming that he was just fine. Eventually the big man himself got online himself:

Perry has had some issues over the years with his health, but not to the point that he has passed on to the big buffet table in the sky.

Now kids, if you don't know who the man is just watch the video and you'll get the idea. Mom and Dad--remember his rap song? Yes, it is still a thing of beauty.

Go ahead and press play. You know you want to.

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