Friday, August 9, 2013

Miami Hurricanes Show The Rock Some Love; Name Locker Room After Him

Most folks know The Rock as the an action movie star. With roles in The Scorpion King, the Fast and Furious franchise,  G.I. Joe, and many more it's no surprise. He is also known for having throwing down the most vicious elbow in WWE history not to mention a really expressive eyebrow.

What a lot of folks may not remember (or know) is that he was actually a football player at one time. No, he never made it in the NFL, and he really didn't make it long in the Canadian Football League. Fans of the Miami Hurricanes will long remember him though--and so will future Hurricanes now.


Before he became known as The Rock he was Dwayne Johnson, a football player for the Miami Hurricanes and part of their national championship squad in 1991. 

So perhaps to honor their most famous football player who played very little football after leaving school they named the locker room after him--or maybe it was because he made the largest donation ever to the program by a former student.

From Twitter Account @ByCasagrande
Whatever the reason--it's still pretty darn cool.

I just have to wonder now how long it will take for the coaching staff to ban kids from asking if anyone smells what The Rock is cooking, shouting 'It doesn't matter,' or any use of the term 'candy asses.'

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