Friday, August 2, 2013

More Video of Riley Cooper Acting a Fool at the Kenny Chesney Concert Emerges

The New England Patriots and New York Jets have to secretly be thankful for Riley Cooper right about now. Were it not  for the Eagles wide receiver acting like a drunk idiot at a recent concert the media would be hounding the Patriots about Aaron Hernandez and Tim Tebow.

Photo from Twitter account @RileyCooper_14
Can you remember the last time you heard something ridiculous about the Jets? I'm sure the 'circus' is still in town. All eyes just happened to be focused on the City of Brotherly Love right now.'s another clip of Cooper at the now infamous Kenny Chesney concert. It's pretty clear that he's having a really, really good time (he's the guy in the red shirt running around and slapping Kenny Chesney on the butt).

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