Tuesday, August 27, 2013

NCAA to Make Johnny Manziel Recommendation on Wednesday

It looks like the Texas A&M Faithful will find out what the future holds for the team and quarterback Johnny Manziel sooner rather than later. News on the NCAA investigation into the pay-for-autographs scandal is expected to come on Wednesday.

John Lopez, a radio personality for Sports Radio 610 is reporting that the NCAA will make its recommendations concerning Johnny Manziel on Wednesday:

There is no telling who the source is and no way to corroborate it, but assuming it is true it is a good sign for Texas A&M. The NCAA never finishes finishes an investigation this fast unless there was nothing to find or whatever they did is in Texas A&M's favor.

According to ESPN Manziel did meet with investigators for several hours over the weekend. Several news outlets are reporting that he denied the allegations he took money for signing autographs.

This could be arguing semantics, but I find it interesting that the word 'recommendation' has been used. If the NCAA is just going to suggest something than Texas A&M will play their young quarterback. Why would they not if no punishment is actually being handed down?

However, if the NCAA is making a recommendation because they feel there may be a violation and they want to save the Aggies from having to forfeit any games Manziel plays in its a different story. 

It would still be a shock if the school did bench him. They have been behind him the whole way and there is no reason to believe it would do anything different now.

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