Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Texas Tech Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury Doesn't Want His Guys Thinking

The Texas Tech Red Raiders are going in to the 2013 season with a lot of hope and promise. With former quarterback Kliff Kingsbury back as the team's new head coach the folks in Lubbock are excited to see what the team can do.

And he is already working some magic--he's stopping them from thinking.

Sound strange? If you think about it the concept actually makes perfect sense. If guys do not have to think while they are on the field--they just act and react--you play faster and in most cases you will probably play better.

This Grantland video explains the whole concept pretty well:

If it works half as good for the Red Raiders as it did for Texas A&M last season the rest of the Big 12 might want to watch out.

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