Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NFL's Absurdity Strikes Again! Bears Jonathan Bostic Fined $21,000 for Hit on Mike Willie!

If the NFL is not careful it is going to take the fun out of the NFL. What did the league do this time you ask? It fined Chicago Bears rookie linebacker Jonathan Bostic $21,000 for this hit on Chargers wide receiver Mike Willie during a recent preseason contest.
This is just crazy. He didn't lead with the helmet at all, in fact he hits him with his shoulder--like you are supposed to! Yet the NFL has deemed it an offense worthy of a fine--after calling it spectacular on the league's own website.

There was no flag thrown of course (because he did nothing wrong).

Crap like this is exactly why Houston Texans safety D.J. Swearinger says he went low on Dustin Keller. Even if you try to make a legal, text book hit on a player--the kind of stuff fans like to see-- you can get fined.

The guys in the league office need to get their collective heads out of their behinds. If they don't the joke that many already use--that the NFL stands for the No Fun League--is going to be true.

Oh--and not funny. 

Let them play! Let them play! Let them play!


  1. That was about as clean as it gets!!!!

  2. Still think it was a forced fumble too!

  3. The fine is BS!I'm feeling good about this kid... GO BEARS!

  4. turning into the National Fairy League

  5. all this is bull shit the leage only care about money let people get oof the fat ass and doo the work rigth not to be grees a bout money

  6. Who the %uck do they think they are? He did nothing wrong!! Bunch of @sswipes!!

  7. Nothing but a bunch of greedy %ock suckers!!

  8. Hopefully the league will see the error in their ways when he appeals.