Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Notre Dame Fans Showing Quarterback Tommy 'Reesus' Rees Some Love

This is going to be an interesting season for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Gone are some key players, some by choice but one real important guy not by choice--quarterback Everett Golson. Lucky for the Irish the team has another guy with experience as a starter in the wings.

Tommy 'Reesus' Rees.

The 'Reesus' is not a play on the nickname that some of Rees's receivers have (Rees' Pieces). No, this is a nickname that the fans have bestowed on the senior quarterback.

Why? Easy--because they believe he can and will lead them to the promise land.

The SubwayDomer got the Reesus Movement started and the fans have taken it from there. Some of the photo-shop efforts are a thing of beauty while others, well--not so much. Regardless of the quality of the Reesus pic the message from the Notre Dame Faithful is pretty clear.

Tommy Rees is our quarterback and we are behind him 100 percent.

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