Saturday, August 31, 2013

Notre Dame Souvenir Cup Has a Little Snafu

When the Fighting Irish took the field Saturday they knew that there would be some kinks to work out. There were new starters looking to be battle-tested and kinks that would have to be worked out. While the team is likely pleased with a 28-6 win there are going to be plenty of things for Brian Kelly and his coaching staff to work on.

Little did fans realize that the stadium concession stand would have some kinks of their own to work out.


Figthing? Oh boy.

I have to wonder if anyone in charge realized there was a mistake on the cups before selling them Saturday. I wouldn't be surprised if whoever ordered them didn't proof the cups before hand, and when they were broken out for the game they figured they might as well go ahead and use him.

After all, folks are only going to really care about what's in the cup not on it. Only bloggers will care about silly little mistakes like that.

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