Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Plans for Atlanta Falcons New Stadium Hit a Snag [UPDATE]

Back in May the Atlanta Falcons broke the news that they were going to be spending a bundle for a brand new, state of the art football stadium--complete with seats that rumble on big hits (all be it just in the club section)!

However, as luck would have it the separation between church and football is much stronger than the separation of church and state, and its throwing a real wrench in to the plans for the stadium.

Part of the plan for the new stadium included buying up land owned by the Mount Vernon Baptist Church and Friendship Baptist Church. Talks with the Friendship Baptist Church have not been easy, but according to the chairman with the church's board of trustees a deal was close to being worked out.

At one point there was a $9 million gap between what the city was offering ($15.5 million) and what the church wanted ($24.5 million). That will not matter now that talks have broken off with the Mount Vernon Baptist Church.

Word is that the church has officially rejected the $6.2 million offer that was made, and rather than continue trying to work on a deal the team has thrown in the towel.

Worry not Atlanta fans! That does not mean the team is not going to get its new home; it just might take a little bit longer. In case just such a scenario unfolded the team has an alternate site picked out, and it is now engaging in a feasibility study of that site.

Yeah, it would be nice to think that maybe they would already have these things kind of figured out before announcing the new stadium, but at least we know that they are not going to give up.

It just might take a little longer.

[UPDATE] A deal has been struck with the Friendship Baptist Church for $19.5 million. Since that deal appears to be going through the team must not be planning on cutting off talks with the Mount Vernon Church afterall.

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