Sunday, August 11, 2013

Racist San Francisco Giants Fan Throws Banana at Baltimore's Adam Jones During Game

Fan behavior at ball games has just gotten out of hand these last couple years. Running on to the field during games has become pretty common and there are way too many incidents of violence in the stands.

But while those acts can be attributed to poor impulse control and the heat of the moment (not too mention an unhealthy amount of alcohol; no that there is an excuse) one fan;s behavior in San Francisco--well, there is no excuse for this person at all.

Keith Allison/Flickr
It wasn't a good day for the home team. The Orioles crushed the Giants 10-2, their second win of the three game series. After the game Baltimore outfielder Adam Jones shared with the Twitter Universe an incident that was upsetting to say the least.

The act is something that is common for black soccer players in Europe where fans like to call them monkeys and throw bananas.

What may be even more surprising than the deed is that there were some people that actually defended the act saying that it was not racist at all. Jones was not real happy with those people either.

Some fans did take to Twitter to apologize to Jones on behalf of the Giants fan base. We can only hope that people sitting around the guilty party had something to say to this classless nitwit. I  don't know what film may be available, but if there is any chance the incident was caught on camera maybe the culprit can be caught and banned from the park.


  1. Good points but your writing could use some work.

    1. Normally whenever I see comments about the writing I just ignore them, but in this case I'll admit this piece left something to be desired; perfect reason why one should always edit carefully.

      Anyway...revised edition is better.