Saturday, August 17, 2013

Redskins Tight End Fred Davis Hit With a Fine for Excessive Celebration But it Should Have Been Kirk Cousins

The No Fun League is in full swing--the league office is already handing down some fines for excessive hits and celebrations. Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis got hit with one (a whopping $7875) for his odd celebration after scoring a TD against the Tennessee Titans in their first preseason game.

It was deemed excessive, but I don't see it. He wasn't taunting any of the Titans or even facing the field, but the NFL has decided not to let the guys express themselves when they play.

Good thing these guys get paid like they do. Could you imagine getting hit with a fine if you celebrated getting a promotion or raise at work?

If they were going to fine anyone it should have been Kirk Cousins and his center. What are these guys trying to do? Reenact a night at the club during spring break or something?

Of course neither actually deserves to get fined. This new rule is just another of the many stupid ways that the league is trying to clamp down on the players and control them.

The game is supposed to be fun. Let them play--and celebrate! (Yes, I'm talking to you Roger Goodell and the competition committee...because I know you are reading...)

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