Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rex Ryan Gets a Little Testy With the Media in Post Game Press Conference

Oh Rex. You should have been fired last season, but for some odd reason you were brought back. It has been clear that you don't have the same power as seasons past and that's good. Maybe if you just concentrate on the X's and O's involved in playing the game the team will do better.

Or you can figure out new and inventive ways to screw up like you did Saturday night against the New York Jets.
Starting Geno Smith was smart; you needed to see what he can do with the first team. It sort of helped that Mark Sanchez had an infected toe and needed to sit anyway. But then you put Sanchez in during the fourth quarter because you wanted to win? Really? In the preseason?

I get it--winning is important no matter if it is preseason, regular season, or post season--but a healthy quarterback even if it is Mark Sanchez is even more important! Especially when your other option--Geno Smith--is making plays like this:

Yeah, Geno is a long way away from being a starting quarterback in the NFL. He was 16-30 for 199 yards and one touchdown--not bad has he not thrown three interceptions and run out the back of the end zone.

So with the comedy of errors that we have come to love as the norm for the Jets we knew it was going to be a great press conference after the game-- which the Jets did happen to win in overtime (because it was real important to do so).

Rex certainly did not disappoint with this press conference. This clip will end up joining the collection of epic coach rants that gets replayed every season. It was truly a classic meltdown.

At least Matt Simms didn't suck. The rookie out of Tennessee was 6-10 for 120 yards and one touchdown.


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