Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rice and Florida Atlantic Early Contenders for the Homer Simpson Play of the Day

I love college football. There is just something about the emotion and passion of not just the players and coaches, but the fans and pretty much everyone in and around the game. At this level of the game it still appears to be about the game, having fun, and doing something special as a team. It is fun to watch whether you are at home, at the stadium, or hanging out with the guys at the bar.

It isn't just the game that makes it fun. In the heat of the moment we get to see players, coaches, and fans do all sorts of goofy things. When you watch the you can't help but think 'D'oh!' because you know the person involved just had a serious brain fart.

Half way through the first Saturday of action there are two clear candidates for the Homer Simpson Play of the Day:

Rice kick returner Jeremy Eddington calling for a fair catch in the second quarter:

and Florida Atlantic Head Coach Carl Pelini calling for a spike when it was fourth down:

What do you think sports fans? Is it the Rice kick returner or the Florida Atlantic coach? Or is there another candidate out there?

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