Sunday, August 25, 2013

San Francisco 49ers Might Want to Go Over How to Celebrate

For wide receivers and running backs I imagine scoring is pretty special. Since it is kind of hard to get there I can understand why guys like to do a little dance and celebrate. If you are lucky enough to make it to the NFL? Well-- I imagine that is the stuff dreams are made of.

So if you don't make it there much or never have--like 49ers kick returner Lavelle Hawkins or wide receiver Quinton Patton--I would guess that you might have a dance in mind in case you do score. Patton and Hawkins--not so much.

Scientists are still trying to figure out what Patton was doing after catching a touchdown pass from Colin Kaepernick. Is is dancing? Does he need a doctor? Who knows, but he wasn't as bad as veteran Lavelle Hawkins.

Now Hawkins has been around for awhile so he should know better. Maybe he doesn't since he really hasn't played much in his five seasons (going on six) in the NFL. After all, he has only scored once before so I can see why he would be a little excited when he broke a kick returner for a touchdown against Minnesota.

However, there is no excuse for not knowing the rules. In years past what he does during the run would have not been a big deal, but this season it draws two unsportsmanlike penalties.

Just don't do it in a regular season game Lavelle and everything will be alright.


  1. lavelle u still da man all of stockton loves u bra, thoes were bad calls u were out of the endzone when helmet was off and the so called headbutt was nothing thay didnt know u were talking to your boy u went to collage with..

    1. League has gotten ridiculous with what they are going to call for taunting/unsportsmanline now.

      I guess the league office wants to follow the Rod Tidwell motto --I am an athlete! I am not an entertainer!