Friday, August 23, 2013

Tampa Bay Rays Have a Rather Unique Farewell Present For Mariano Rivera

I wondered a little why Mariano Rivera didn't just retire last season. I totally get why he didn't; no one wants to quite because you got hurt. After the kind of career that he has had--and the length of it--no one would have batted a eye had he said that he was going to go ahead and hang it up anyway.

But as this season progressed it became abundantly clear why Mo decided to give it a go for one last season--everyone keeps giving him gifts. 

This is what the Rays had for Mo on Friday. If I look at it long enough I can see the likeness, but I have one question--how is he going to take this one with him? The chair the Twins gave him was easy to pick up, but this?


  1. They also made a donation, based on a specific dollar amount for every save he had against the Rays during his career, to Mariano Rivera's charitable organization

    1. That's pretty cool. Someone that didn't make it into the news things I saw; only the sand sculpture did.