Thursday, August 22, 2013

Texas A&M Has Your Back Johnny Manziel

In a lot of the stuff that has been printed about Johnny Manziel his parents (at least his dad) has been pretty up front with how he feels about the school. Well, maybe after the email that the Chancellor sent out his mind can be at ease.

Because I think it is clear that the university has every intention of standing by its embattled quarterback.

Since the current autograph scandal broke there have been some media outlets that were more than happy to 'report' that there were some Aggie alumni that were not too fond of their young quarterback and all the dram that has surrounded him. This talk had some fuel thrown on the proverbial fire every time Johnny's Dad talked about (or was quoted) how displeased he was with how the university has treated/helped his son.

What those outlets conveniently left out is that the vast majority of the A&M Faithful are being just that--faithful to their school and their quarterback.

Shortly after the scandal broke and news of unhappy alumni went public a letter from a member of the Class of '58, Gene Birdwell, was printed in the school newspaper, The Battalion, expressing support for Manziel (thanks to GoodBullHunting for the heads up):
I’d like to begin by saying that Darren Rovell and other reporters like him do NOT speak for me or any of the many Aggies I know. Most of the Aggies i know are tired of the media focusing on Mr. Manziel’s personal life as a means of distracting from the Aggie football program’s recent success. Aggies don’t shoot their wounded; we support and stand by one another and that is why Aggies make good soldiers, good friends, and good businessmen. If there is any truth to any of this media frenzy it will be dealt with at the appropriate time and through the appropriate avenues. It is time for the students, the Former Students, the players and the staff to ignore these blatant attempts to distract us and focus on another amazing season.
Mr. Manziel is a young man with a lot of potential and with all of his talent, he is still just one man on a team of greatness. The Aggie football program has made us proud and the 2012 season was one of the most exciting seasons to watch in my almost 58 years of watching Aggie football. I believe I speak for many proud Aggies when I say that we stand behind Coach Sumlin, Mr. Manziel and the entire football program 110%.
So enough is enough, let’s Gig’Em!
Since it was not sensational or something that stirred up public sentiment against Johnny Manziel ESPN conveniently left it out of there coverage.

The support has been coming from more than just the alumni. Recently one of the most respected coaches in college football history, Gene Stallings, expressed his support:
“What I really hope is that he signed those autographs thinking they went to people that were fans of his and didn’t receive any money. That’s what I’m going to believe until I’m told otherwise.”
Perhaps the most telling show of support--and the one that Daddy Manziel has to be happy to see--comes from University Chancellor John Sharp. Not only has he spoken publicly in support of Manziel, but he took it a step further and said he thought the kids should see a little something for all that they do (and earn).

The best part of his email, to some fans, will be his dig at ESPN reporter Darren Rovell and discredited one of the brokers involved in this mess:
...Darren Rovell of ESPN, who broke this story, has been duped before. During his report on Johnny Manziel, he cites unnamed sources who refuse to provide an interview or any tangible proof. In fact, his "named source," Drew Tieman (initially referred to as the broker), was reportedly booked twice for possession of marijuana and placed on four years probation. He has taken down his Facebook page, changed his telephone number and is refusing attempts to be interviewed by the NCAA. It is surprising that the nation's largest sports channel would support publication with this lack of corroboration...
You can read the whole email here.

I get that next to sex it is controversy that sells. Heck, as a blogger I know all too well how the dirt gets the hits. However, where at least place like ESPN go wrong is that they are supposed to be a news services, and a news service should be providing readers with the whole story as best they can. 

Yet throughout this whole mess they managed to conveniently leave out all the good, and just sensationalize the bad.

Shame on you ESPN. Shame on you.

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