Saturday, August 24, 2013

Texas A&M Not Planning on Sitting Johnny Manziel Against Rice

Next to the question of guilt in regards to the whole autograph mess there has been one other question that the Texas A&M Faithful and just about every other college football fan has been wondering. Will the Aggies sit their star quarterback while he is under investigation.

We now have an answer--no.

According to a CBS Sports report the school believes in the case it has concerning Manziel and the autograph scandal and sees no need to sit him when the team kickoffs the 2013 against Rice next week. The news should not be too surprising since the team has been preparing throughout training camp as if Manziel would start.

As crazy as the notion sounds there is actually some logic to it had they decided to go ahead and sit him down..

Lets say the investigation lasts three weeks into the season and the Aggies win all three behind more of the same Johnny Football magic. Should the NCAA rule against him the team would be forced to forfeit all three games.

Not a good thing if you are hoping to end the season ranked and in a good bowl game.

At the same time, had the school opted to sit Manziel there are some that have said it would appear as if they don't believe in their young QB. John Sharp, A&M's Chancellor, has made it pretty clear the school is behind Manziel.

So breathe easy Texas A&M fans. It looks like you'll get to see more of this in the near future.


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