Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tim Duncan's Divorce Finally--Well, Final

Remember when the news broke during the NBA playoffs last season that San Antonio Spurs superstar Tim Duncan and his wife Amy were getting divorced? Well--it has finally happened.

The end was no surprise since it made national news that Tim had asked the judge to delay the proceedings till after the post season so he could concentrate on his game without any distractions. Apparently the judge was okay with it.

Had the Spurs managed to beat the Heat this may have stayed in the news, but they didn't--so it didn't. It might not have even made the news now if were not for the strange circumstances surrounding the official end of their marriage.

In an effort to keep the proceedings private the judge agreed to meet at the office of Tim's lawyer to officially grant the divorce. The news may get some people grumbling about special favors for celebrities, but the judge didn't see it that way even though both Tim and Amy expressed a concern about paparazzi.

“I don't see it as doing a special favor for the sake of a favor,” said state District Judge David A. Canales “These folks were involved in a very private matter. It was mainly for privacy.”

Details of any settlement or custody issues have not been released.


  1. I wish Tim the best. I'm sure he will eventually find the right person.

    1. Yes,I agree because he's a christian man who deserves a better partner in life than the person he had.God bless Tim and his children through this difficult time.