Monday, August 26, 2013

Tony Parker Hurts Knee Playing in Exhibition Game in France

While playing in an exhibition game for his native country of France, San Antonio Spurs superstar Tony Parker hurt his knee.

Go ahead and scream Spurs fans. You're frustration is understandable.

Keith Allison/Flickr
Now before you start cursing the man too much-- and the French for having him play-- it doesn't sound as if it is too bad at the this time. The injury is to his right knee which he is scheduled to get an MRI on Tuesday.

The injury was pretty much brushed over in the French media and Parker didn't even talk about it giving reason to believe that the injury is not a serious one (or does the French media not care about injuries as much as the American media does?). 

Whatever the extent of the injury is it is not good to hear about the team's leader (along with Tim Duncan) is getting hurt playing in a meaningless exhibition game. Since he wasn't at full strength in the Finals because of an injury it stings just a little bit more. 

I dig that he is playing for his native country, but I am sure Spurs fans wouldn't mind if he just watch the game rather than play in it. They need him healthy come October when training camp starts.

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