Thursday, August 29, 2013

West Virginia Running Back Andrew Buie is Leaving the Team

A story that began as a curious exclusion from the depth chart for the West Virginia Mountaineers has now taken an unexpected turn. Last season's leading rusher, Andrew Buie, is leaving the team after all.

There has been no official word yet from the team or Buie, but the school's registrar has confirmed this much--Buie has withdrawn from the university.

Kinda hard to play if you're not a student, right?

Buie was set to be red-shirted this season in spite of the season he had last year. According to Head Coach Dana Holgorsen it was so he could continue to develop physically and mentally.

Physically I get; what athlete could not stand to get in better shape? Maybe with Charles Sims transferring in from Houston with just a single year of eligibility left the team opted to go with him and save Buie for another season.

Mentally? Well--I don't know anything about that, but if a coach is willing to say something like that it can't bode well for Buie. My only guess--and this is just a guess--is that Buie didn't react to well to being benched and expressed his frustration in an inappropriate way.

But I'm just guessing. I don't know. 

Buie showed that he is a good running back last season--not great--so I imagine someone will be interested in giving him a try.

If he's smart he will keep quiet about any of the details leading to his departure. No one wants to add a malcontent to the their team.


  1. If Sims gets hurt, they are up a creek...... I think there is a marble missing from both: Coach & Player.

  2. Wish Holgorsen would go missing

  3. I don't Think holgerson is looking at the Big Picture
    all the time.Why not red-shirt some one else an put
    Buie an Simms in the Backfield this season.Instead
    of making his #1 leading rusher mad.
    An why didn't we Go after a Transfer last year at
    QB for this Year an redshirt Milliard.
    The QB situation Yesterday was scarey.

  4. WVU has three great running backs that are new to the team this year. Sims is obviously the starter but there is also Dremius Smith, the #1 JUCO running back from last year and Wendell Smallwood, a freshman who was as highly rated as Buie coming out of high school. All three backs beat him out for the position. He is smart to transfer. WVU also has a former 5 star RB transferring in and eligible to play next season: Rushel Shell. He wouldn't be getting any playing time and if he wants to be the #1 guy, he needed to go elsewhere. No hard feelings. Good luck. I would rather have more elite talent in the backfield than placate a former starter who thinks he is entitled to the job because of what he has done in the past. The best players play. That is how it goes in any level of athletics.

  5. run while the getting is good this team is edging over the cliff and holgerson is pushing the fuel pedal

  6. Would you rather suffer through more years with a coach like Bill Stewart?

  7. Not sure if you all are WVU fans or not, but these comments are funny. From the '12 Orange Bowl thru game 5 of last season, everyone thought Holgy walked on water. Now, he needs to go. He's running the team in the ground. Blah Blah Blah. No one except Alabama has a team "that good" every season, so give it a rest... And remember, this is only Holgy's 3rd season. So I'd say, even though this year will prob be rough, next year's games should be fun to watch!