Monday, August 12, 2013

What in the World Happened to Jeff Saturday?

When Brian Urlacher put the possibility of a comeback to bed a few weeks ago he said that the has not been working out and was no where near being in shape to play; not a surprise for a recently retired pro football player. You spend your life working out getting ready for the next season, but since there isn't one you can take a break.

Not so for newly offensive lineman Jeff Saturday.

During his playing days Saturday was around the 295-300 pound mark. To play in the trenches for as long as he did you have to keep your weight up. Little guys get beat up on the inside so he had to maintain a certain size.

But when his playing days were done there was no longer a need to keep his weight up--so he didn't.

Rather than take it easy after he retired Saturday got his diet under strict control and got back in the gym. Knowing how hard a worker he was when he played it isn't a surprise that he was able to drop as much weight as he did.

From the looks of it he is down to around 230 or so. Apparently he didn't want the camera to make him look too big when he starts his new commentator gig with ESPN--because, you know, the camera adds ten pounds.

I think it is safe to say now that no one is going to call and see if he wants to reconsider retiring from the game.

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