Saturday, August 3, 2013

WVU’s Dana Holgorsen Just Put a Huge Target on His Team's Back that Small Schools are Going to Love to Hit

The college season is almost upon us. Teams are practicing, the preseason top 25 is out, everyone is talking about expectations and making predictions--it's a beautiful thing. As the season draws near players and coaches are going to find themselves constantly being bombarded by the press. 

In the process they are sometimes going to say a few things that may come back to bite them on the behind down the line--like West Virginia Head Coach Dana Holgorsen.

In a recent interview with the Charleston Daily Mail he made some comments in reference to smaller schools like how they hold big programs like his back and how they (the WVU's of the world) need to break away:
“The major conferences breaking away from schools like East Carolina and Marshall, I think that’s got some legs to it, but whether it happens or if I’ll still be coaching when it does happen, I don’t know,” Holgorsen said. “I hope it happens because they’re the ones holding us back from being able to feed our players three times a day or from being able to pay them just a small stipend to make their lives a little bit easier so they’re not starving to death at specific times of the year.”
Wow. So did anyone from East Carolina or Marshall get a sense that Holgorsen thinks you need to drop to your knees and start chanting "we're not worthy?"

It sounds like he is saying that the smaller schools are not worthy and are holding big ones back. Now if I were a small school I would be a little perturbed at that comment.

Not every university has the resources that a WVU has, but that does not mean that the football team that the school fields is necessarily of lesser quality. True, the big schools should win against the smaller ones and usually do, but there is always a game or two every season where the little guy rises up and strikes down Goliath.

And WVU is primed to be just that Goliath. 

With only four starters returning on offense Holgorsen has his work cut out for him. He got a boost when former Houston running back Charles Simms transferred in, but otherwise he has a green quarterback and even greener receivers. Do I  really need to talk about that  nightmare of a defense?

Luckily the two smaller schools that WVU has on its schedule this season are not that challenging. William and Mary only managed a pair of wins last season and Georgia State just one. So the likelihood of him getting embarrassed this season is small, but his comments will not be easily forgotten by other small schools

When/if one does beat the Mountaineers you better believe these comments will surface again.

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