Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Arizona Cardinals Working on Rashad Johnson Inspired Foam Half-Finger

Challenge and adversity is nothing new to the Arizona Cardinals. Heck, they had John Skelton has a QB for awhile and I don't think they've ever had a running game! When it comes to adversity you can do one of two things--curl up in a ball and cry as you dream about being in Happy Gilmore's happy place (minus Shooter McGavin) or make the most of it.

Heck, you can even make light of it--which is what the Cardinals have done.

If you haven't heard by  now, Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson lost part of his finger last Sunday after making a tackle on special teams. When he took off his glove later he discovered that part of his finger had stayed inside.

Yes, the impact of the hit caused his finger to pop off. He doesn't know the exact moment it happened, but I would imagine that his hand had to get caught in something as well, i.e. face mask, shoulder pads, etc., but anyway...

Johnson wrapped his hand up and finished the game Sunday opting to get the finger situation handled afterwards. The man just became a starter this season and must not have wanted to risk letting anyone else look good enough to take his spot.'

That, and he didn't want to let his team and the fans down.

So in honor of and in light of Johnson's finger giving performance the team is working on creating a foam finger--or half-finger ala Rashad Johnson style.


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