Thursday, September 5, 2013

Arizona State Honors Pat Tillman With New Stadium Entrance Tunnell

Pat Tillman will forever be a man among man. For those that don't know, the former Arizona State star turned down millions in the NFL to go fight for his country instead following 9/11. That kind of sacrifice alone is one that deserves respect and showed the world what kind of person he was. Sadly, he was killed in action by friendly fire.

As a show of respect to a true American hero the Sun Devils remodeled their stadium entrance and named it after him, the Tillman Tunnel.


I'm sure there will be some that think this is just a tunnel, but I think it is a great move. Now it looks like Tillman is leading the team down the tunnel for every game.

For a football guy and a leader like Tillman I'd say that's a pretty fitting tribute.

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