Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cam Newton Sports the Superman Cleats But Russell Wilson Ends Up Being the Hero

Cam Newton was hoping to channel the Man of Steel Sunday in the Carolina Panthers season opener against the Seattle Seahawks. He had his work cut out for him against a tough Seattle defense not to mention the possibility he may have to match Russell Wilson in offensive production.

For much of the game it appeared as if Cam just might walk away the winner and the hero, but than the hero on the other team woke up and stole his thunder.


The Panthers defense managed to keep the Beast--Marshawn Lynch--from busting out holding him to just 43 yards on 17 carries. After a slow start Russell Wilson was able to get it going in the second half throwing for 320 yards and completing 25 of 33 passes.

The key one was this 43-yard touchdown pass to Jermaine Kearse that gave the Seahawks a 12-7 with roughly 10 minutes to go in the game.
It was good to see the Panthers play a competitive game. The team does have a lot of talent; it just needs to figure out how to use it. Hopefully this will be just the beginning for them.

Sadly, the worst part of the game has yet to come for the Panthers. How can it get worse than a loss? The NFL is probably going to fine Cam for wearing those cleats. 

No Fun League, remember?

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