Monday, September 30, 2013

Denver's Trindon Holliday is Proof that Kick Returners Deserve to be in the Pro Bowl

The NFL  decided that it needed to seriously revamp the Pro Bowl this season. It does kind of suck so I can see why. While many of the changes have been well-received there is one that was just flat out stupid--excluding kick returners.

There will no longer be any kick-offs in the Pro Bowl so the NFL decided that it didn't need kick returners. When you use that logic the argument is pretty clear. However, it is not fair to exclude kick returners for the work that they do.

For example--take Denver Broncos return man Trindon Holliday. In just four games he has already returned two kicks for touchdowns including a 105-yard return from Sunday's game against the Eagles.

Come on NFL! These guys are game-changers. If a team is lucky enough to have a Trindon  Holliday or Devin Hester they know that at any give time the game can be broken wide open. If they don't--well, they may find themselves backed up with a whole lot of ground to cover to score.

Hopefully this kind of oversight is one they will correct.

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