Monday, September 30, 2013

Did Bill Belichick Really Smile?

Doubt had started to circle around the New England Patriots this season. The offense was in shambles after dumping a ton of talent and not signing near enough. Tom Brady's been calling up his former receivers for help because his currents ones--well, they are still learning.Yes, they entered Sunday night's game against the Atlanta Falcons undefeated, but they had yet to play any serious competition.

Is the reign of dominance that Bill Belichick has enjoyed with his New England Patriots come to an end?


Absolutely not.

Like every other team he's coached this season's Patriots keep finding a way to win, but this time it wasn't like the other games. This time they were actually pretty dominant and controlled the game. It was Atlanta that needed a last minute miracle comeback.

While they almost got it--they didn't.

And now his team is 4-0.

Yeah, that's a good reason to smile.

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