Monday, September 9, 2013

Don't Mess With UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora; Nebraska to Honor Nick Pasquale

It was a hard weekend for the UCLA Bruins and their fans. A member of the football team, wide receiver Nick Pasquale, was hit by a car and killed. Bruins Head Coach Jim Mora was in the midst of addressing the media about Pasquale's death when someone made a big, big mistake and made the coach mad.

I've heard conflicting reports; that the target of his wrath was a reporter that was talking on his phone while Mora was speaking or someone that was just talking. When he told Mora to go on---man, if looks could kill.

Whoever it was should have known better than to do anything, but listen. Mora was talking about one of his players losing his life. The moment did warrant more respect than that person was giving.

Nebraska--who the Bruins play this weekend--have said that as a show of respect they will be wearing '36' stickers (Pasquale's number) on the back of their helmets for the game.

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